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America the Beautiful Pass

There are 62 national parks within the United States ranging from islands to deserts. They were created to protect the land, so that our generation and future generations can continue to enjoy these magnificent wonders. Each national park has its own entrance fee, but there is also an annual pass to all of the national parks, called the America the Beautiful pass. Is it worth it to buy the annual pass? How much does it cost and what does it cover?

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How much does the America the Beautiful Pass cost?

The America the Beautiful pass costs $80 and is good for one year. Meaning if you buy it in June, it will be good until the next June. Two adults can share one pass. However, if you are part of active US military or you have a 4th grade student, than you can get a free annual pass. Click here for more information if you fall into either of these categories. 

Lastly, if you are over the age of 62yo, you actually qualify for the senior pass which gives you an even better deal. For $80, you can get a lifetime pass good for one individual. If you don’t know how often you will use it, you can do an annual pass for only $20 for one individual. 

You can purchase it online here or it can easily be purchased at the entrance gates to the parks you plan enjoy. 

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What does the America the Beautiful Pass Cover?

It allows free entry into over 2000 parks and national lands. Being that it is such a huge list, I cannot go into all of the individual places that includes. However, this does include ALL the national parks and many national reserves as well. For a full list, click here

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Should I buy the America the Beautiful Pass?

Basically, I think this depends on how much you like to travel within the United States, but for most people, the answer is yes you should buy it. Besides, if you go to at least 2 National Parks a year, it covers the cost of the America the Beautiful Pass and that doesn’t even include all of the national reserves that you can get into. For me, it motivates me to travel more because I know I get access to all these wonderful areas. For seniors, it is an even better deal because you will get access to a lifetime of national parks and reserves, for only $80. 

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