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10 Things You Need to Know Before you Visit Jordan

When most people think of Jordan, they think about Petra. While Petra is the main tourist sight, there is much more to Jordan than just Petra. Jordan is a relatively small country, but has a population of almost 10 million with most people living in or around Amman. 

Tip 1: Jordan is very safe

Although Jordan borders Syria and Iraq, it is actually a very safe country. We visited Jordan after spending time in Egypt. In Egypt, there were armed guards that accompanied us around, yet in Jordan we were able to walk around and explore on our own and never felt unsafe. 

Horses in Petra, Jordan

Jordan Travel Tip 2: Go anytime of the year

Jordan is a place where you can go anytime of the year. Typically the high season is March to May when the weather is a little bit nicer, but not scorching hot. We went in November and while there were a lot of tourists, it was not overly packed. 

Horse drawn carriage in Petra, Jordan

Jordan Travel Tip 3: Jordan has all 4 seasons.

When most people think of Jordan, they think about a dry arid country. While Jordan does have large area of desert, it does get cold in Jordan. In the winter months between November and April, it can get very chilly, especially at night. 

Horse riding in Petra, Jordan

Jordan Travel Tip 4: Dress conservatively

Jordan is a Muslim Country and you are expected to dress a little bit more conservatively. Unless you are soaking in the Dead Sea, you should plan to wear clothing that covers your knees and shoulders. Best to leave the short shorts at home. 

Hint: Petra is up in the mountains and can get cold at night but hot during the day. Plan to dress in layers. 

Middle Eastern Attire, Jordan

Jordan Travel Tip 5: Do I need a Visa?

You do need a visa to enter Jordan, however most nationalities can obtain a visa upon arrival to Jordan. Make sure to check here to see if you need a visa before your trip. It costs JD40 for a one month, single entry visa. If you are traveling with a group, they will typically handle everything for you and do a group visa. 

Camels in Petra, Jordan

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Jordan Travel Tip 6: Plan ahead and get the Jordan Pass

Depending on how much time you are spending in Jordan or if ou are going with a group or not; it may benefit looking into the Jordan Pass. The Jordan Pass costs JD70 and needs to be bought online before you go. You will show your printed ticket or your phone to get into any of the 40 attractions covered by the pass, which includes a one day pass to Petra. This also covers your entry visa into Jordan. If you are going to Petra (JD50) and need a Visa (JD40), this alone covers the cost of the pass. Check here for more information and to buy the Jordan Pass. 

Horses at Petra, Jordan

Jordan Travel Tip 7: Jordan is expensive

Compared to it’s neighbors, Jordan is relatively expensive. Currently 1 USD is equal to 0.71 Jordanian Dinar. It will cost 1-2 JD for a bottle of water. I was surprised by how much everything cost while I was there. 

Gold Lamp

Jordan Travel Tip 8: Bring your Cash.

Jordan is a very cash based country. While you will find some places, especially nice restaurants and hotel, that will take credit cards; most places prefer cash. ATMs are widely available. While we were there, we found that the US dollar was widely accepted as well with an exchange rate applied. 

Snake Charmer in Petra, Jordan

Jordan Travel Tip 9: Check when Ramadan is.

As Jordan is a Muslim country, they celebrate Ramadan. Ramadan is a holy month where the locals fast from sunrise to sunset. While it may be interesting to join in for the festivities that occur every evening, it does make travel a little more interesting. Many shops, restaurants, and tourist destinations will have different hours. The benefit is that tourists tend to avoid going during this month and you will likely have many destinations to yourself. 

Horse Carriage in Petra, Jordan

Jordan Travel Tip 10: Leave your drone at home

Drones are not allowed in Jordan unless you have a special permit that you have to apply for beforehand. Reportedly, luggage is scanned for it before you leave the airport. Probably best to just keep it at home and not worry about it getting taken. 

Camel in Petra, Jordan

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10 things to know before you visit Jordan
10 things to know before you visit Jordan

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